Welcome to Vauxsport.com. We are a Shropshire based specialist car garage that work with vauxhall cars to have them upgraded to become faster and more stylish. This includes engine tuning, rolling road power runs, standard garage services, MOT work and engine building/conversions.

Modifying cars has been a popular past time for as long as cars have been about. A car modifying industry has been created by the need for body styling, engine tuning, lowered suspension & big bore exhausts.

We are now retrofitting headlights with LED or HID. If you're looking to boost your brightness output, please contact us for a quote with your goals and if you're interested in LED or HID. We have both in stock. We currently have a large selection of LED headlights for all types of cars at affordable prices offered by LEDHeadlightsPro.com

There is no part of a car that cannot be modified. Taking a bog standard car & modifying it is a statement of individuality & style. Each car is different from the dull package that is supplied by the manufacturers & turned into what the owner wants. Browse through the site to find out more about us and visit the contact us page to find out where we are based.

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